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Luke Bencie Interviewed by Chuck Brooks in DC

SMI Managing Director, Luke Bencie, was interviewed by Cybersecurity Thought Leader, Chuck Brooks, in Washington DC this past week for the Sling TV streaming show Intelligence Matters.  The topic of the program was “ransomware” and explored an organization’s responsibility to pay or not pay the perpetrators when attacked.

Luke Bencie Speaks At New College Of Florida

SMI Managing Director, Luke Bencie, spoke to law enforcement officers from New College of Florida, as well as from the Sarasota-Bradenton Airport Police Department, about Cognizant Security Strategy.  The lecture was part of an officer training series looking at new ways to improve intelligence gathering and strategic planning. 

SMI Recognized at Congressional Event for Veterans

SMI Managing Partner, Sarah Bencie, and SMI Managing Director, Luke Bencie, were proud to be associated with Congressman Greg Steube’s initiative to provide 250 military veterans with training on information security governance, risk and compliance, and cybersecurity.  The program is offered through the University of South Florida’s Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education. 

SMI Managing Director speaks at annual USAID event for their Public Security Liaison Officers program.

At an annual USAID event for Public Security Liaison Officers, SMI's Managing Director Luke Bencie delivered an insightful speech that stressed the importance of security by creating a safer global community. He demonstrated how vital their contribution is in shaping security practices worldwide.

SMI Partners with Arcuri Group in Tampa

SMI has partnered with Arcuri Group, LLC, the leader in Situational Awareness Specialist (SAS) training.  During the upcoming July CARVER training on the campus of the University of South Florida, Arcuri Group will be offering SAS certification to coincide with SMI’s CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Training course.  This offers security professionals with a unique opportunity to get dual certified in Tampa this summer.

Luke Bencie delivers Cognizant Security Strategy Workshop in Riyadh

SMI Managing Director, Luke Bencie, delivered a 90-minute workshop for security professionals at the Security Middle East Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on May 14th entitled “Cognizant Security Strategy for Vision 2030: A Comprehensive Workshop to Determine Strategic Direction.”  The event was co-sponsored by the University of South Florida’s Security Training Collaborative and meant to provide a strategic security blueprint for Saudi Arabia’s emerging tourism industry. 

SMI Junior Research Associates attend CARVER Training at University of South Florida.

SMI's Junior Research Associates; Elissa, Anastasiya, Gabe, Jordan, Lee, and Syler demonstrated their dedication to advanced training by participating in CARVER Training at the University of South Florida Tampa campus this February. This program equips professionals with cutting-edge Target Analysis Training, and Strategic Vulnerability Assessment Skills, providing an effective defense against threats.

SMI opens a new office at the Research Annex of the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee campus.

SMI proudly announces a new chapter in its expansion with the opening of their office at the Research Annex at University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee campus. This shows their commitment to further SMI’s reach to other campuses and universities.


Sarasota Police Chief, Rex Troche, visits SMI to inquire about partnership opportunities.

Rex Troche, the current Sarasota Police Chief’s visit to SMI exhibits a shared commitment to explore possible partnership opportunities. This meeting embodies their mutual goal of increasing community safety, and security through collaborative efforts.

SMI Managing Partner Sarah Bencie and SMI Managing Director Luke Bencie attend the bi-annual Gamma Xi Boule Evening at the Ritz event to support local high school students.

SMI Managing Partner Sarah Bencie and Managing Director Luke Bencie made an outstanding display of support for our youth at this February's Gamma Xi Boule event at the Ritz. They showed our firm's dedication to supporting our local high school students.

SMI Team Supports Bob Delany Event

SMI Junior Associates assisted in supporting former “Mob-busting” undercover New Jersey State Trooper turned NBA referee, Bob Delaney,  host a documentary screening of “Bob Delaney: Hiding in Plain Sight”.  Bob is now a leading national and international authority in Post-Traumatic Stress, resilience training, and trauma awareness. Together with Colonel Amanda Robbins, Command Psychologist at USSOCOM, Bob discussed his real-life experiences with Post-Traumatic Stress.

Luke Bencie Interviewed on Corporate Espionage for Skytop TV

Luke Bencie had the opportunity to sit down with former CIA officer, Andrew Bustamante, as well as Martin Barye-Garcia (security director for Owens Corning) about espionage threats – particularly “sexpionage” threats – to international business travelers.  The interview was held in Skytop’s New York City studios on Madison Avenue on May 3rd, 2024.

SMI Managing Partner Luke Bencie trains both the physical and cyber security teams for Bahamas Power and Light.

Luke Bencie, SMI's Managing Partner, led an intensive physical and cyber security training for the Bahamas Power and Light team. This training course showcased SMI's approach to security by covering both physical and digital practices.


SMI wins contract to train security agents from the US Department of Agriculture in Surveillance Detection.

SMI has earned another significant victory for security enhancement, by being chosen to train security agents from the US Department of Agriculture on Surveillance Detection techniques. This event represents an essential step in fortifying America's agricultural sector against threats.

SMI to partner with Gamma Xi Boule to assist Sarasota Youth in developing both international security and international business skills.

SMI announces a dynamic partnership with Gamma Xi Boule to mentor the youth of Sarasota with essential international security and business skills. This reinforces SMI's commitment to developing future global security leaders.


Two SMI Junior Research Associates published in the Journal of Counterterrorism and Homeland Defense.

SMI's Junior Research Associates; Temitayo, and Lee have made significant strides forward by being published in the Journal of Counterterrorism and Homeland Defense. Temitayo wrote his article on the development of a communications plan for an EMP attack, and Lee wrote his on the importance of Coup d’œil and strategy. These articles highlight SMI's reputation for innovative thinking.


SMI rolls out the CARVER+ Security Management Software in order to completely disrupt security industry.

SMI unveiled their revolutionary CARVER+ Security Management Software, setting a new standard in the security industry. It was designed to enhance security management capabilities, and thrive in an era of enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in security.

SMI and their Saudi partner, ICON Training Company, win annual contract with Saudi Aramco to develop an advanced security training curriculum.

SMI, along with the ICON Training Company of Saudi Arabia, have achieved a major accomplishment. They were recently selected by Saudi Aramco to develop and provide an advanced security training curriculum. This partnership will mark a tremendous step forward for security training excellence.



SMI to partner with the University of South Florida to create the Security Training Collaborate (STC).

Security Management International (SMI) is proud to announce an exciting partnership with the University of South Florida to introduce their groundbreaking Security Training Collaborative (STC). This agreement represents a major step toward improving security training standards and methodologies, creating safer futures.

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