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In today’s competitive global business environment, the FBI estimates that economic espionage costs American companies over 600 billion dollars in stolen intellectual property and business intelligence each year. Additionally, increasing threats from terrorists, cyber criminals, vandals, as well as natural disasters, have awakened organizations to the importance of comprehensive corporate security programs and detailed emergency response protocols.


The Chief Security Officer (CSO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) are all relatively new titles that have been created in just the past few decades to thwart these evolving threats. However, as security departments are not seen as a revenue generating entities for most businesses, it is often difficult for senior leadership to justify a hefty security budget. Most small to mid-sized companies rely more on a strategy of hope, rather than engaging in a proactive security program. It is the equivalent of refusing to buy health insurance and risking not getting sick or injured. Although the business may recognize that security threats do exist, they roll the dice because of financial concerns.Our client deliverables are not “boilerplate” reports, nor do we use rehashed security templates for every client, regardless of their industry. Instead, we fully recognize that each client’s threats and weaknesses are unique, thus requiring a customized approach to providing recommendations.

Hope is an expensive commodity, it makes better sense to be prepared.


We offer a Team of Experts

Unlike other virtual CSO programs, which may provide just one sub-contracted individual with a security background, SMI delivers a team of senior subject matter experts – in a range of security disciplines – that are on-call for your business 24/7. Imagine the benefits to your organization by utilizing the knowledge of 500+ years of combined security experience in the following fields:

Security Management

Cyber Security

Due-diligence and Investigations

Corporate Training

Executive Protection

Counter Terrorisms

Risk Analysis

Penetration Testing


Furthermore, our “cadre” of experts have extensive experience from their previous careers in law enforcement, military, intelligence, cyber security, law and academia. Instead of just calling on one person to assist with your security needs, you now have an unlimited resource of talent at your disposal – all at the same price of hiring a junior associate at your company. Realistically, no one person is an expert in every aspect of security. While one CSO may have a specific expertise in loss prevention or business continuity planning, he or she may not be an expert in the threats posed from hostile foreign intelligence services or international terrorist groups.

For this reason alone, having an experienced team at your fingertips is an indispensable – and affordable – resource. Access to the SMI Virtual CSO Program™ begins at just a few thousand dollars per month and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your organization. There is finally a way smarter way to protect your people, infrastructure and intellectual property from security threats.

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