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What is The CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology?


“The CARVER Methodology is one of the most effective tools that a security professional can use.”

General James L. Jones, Former U.S. National Security Advisor


What is the CARVER Method?

A Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) is an understanding of the threats, weaknesses, and probability of attack, which could impact a facility, person, system or event.

As such, the CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology is a time-tested vulnerability assessment methodology that balances efficiency with reliability.

It is a unique analytical tool because it facilitates both a qualitative and a quantitative assessment of an asset’s vulnerabilities.  Most assessment tools are limited to qualitative assessments.  A quantitative assessment assists in highlighting vulnerabilities, prioritizing assets and remedial efforts.


What does CARVER mean?


Identify critical systems, single points of failure or choke points


Determine ease of access to critical systems, operations or assets


The time and effort taken to recover from an adverse event


Security system effectiveness vs. adversary capability


Scope and magnitude of adverse consequences that would result from malicious actions and responses to them


Evaluate likelihood that potential adversaries would recognize the asset as a critical or valuable target

The CARVER Value Rating Scale

Using CARVER successfully requires inserting the proper values into the CARVER matrix. Otherwise, its practitioners won’t be able to assess the probability of attack or risk to the asset accurately.  When a CARVER matrix is completed, it provides the following results:

+ Identifies high risk assets

+ Categorizes and prioritizes assets

+ Assesses vulnerabilities and consequences

The values 1-5 are used to calculate Risk and Probability of Attack (Pa) in the CARVER Matrix. The higher the number the higher both the Risk and Probability of Attack.

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CARVER Co-creator, Leo “the Godfather of CARVER” Labaj, on CARVER’s Origins:  

"During my first six years in Special Activities Branch, I trained special operations forces and CIA paramilitary units in the use of explosives to conduct or plan sabotage operations.  The training included not only how to destroy targets but also how to select targets for destruction to meet mission objectives.  The target analysis methodology of choice at the time was called CARVE.  

From 1972 to 1975, as the Vietnam War wound down, CARVE became an important part of the military’s target-analysis module.  But after the war, and as incidents of international terrorism emerged and increased in frequency, analysts began to find CARVE lacking as a vulnerability assessment tool.  

In 1976 CARVE became CARVER.  It followed that if we (CIA-SAB) knew how to attack a target, we should also be able to prevent an attack on a target.  So, we turned our hats around and strove to become counterterrorism “experts.”

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Want to read about the history of the CARVER Methodology?  SMI’s Luke Bencie and the CIA’s Leo “the Godfather of CARVER” Labaj, have written a practical guide for evaluating security vulnerabilities utilizing the CARVER Method.


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