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Take advantage of the security and intelligence training opportunities presented by the Security Training Collaborative (STC), a powerful strategic partnership between University of South Florida's Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education and Security Management International's CARVER Training Institute. 

"The Online CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Training Course provided me with a strong foundation for determining and mitigating security risks facing my organization.  Additionally, the high-quality USF certificate and badge - not too mention the CEUs which can be applied to my CPP designation - were a tremendous bonus."

- Mike, Senior Security Director for a Silicon Valley tech "unicorn"

Don’t have time to attend a live SMI training event? Learn online at your own pace. 

Now you have the opportunity to learn at your own pace through the Security Training Collaborative's online bundle of training programs. 

Choose from 10 impactful courses that will help you establish and thrive as an effective security professional.  All of them come with a certificate and digital badge from the USF Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education. 

Our popular Fundamentals of the CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Training Course is listed as part of ASIS-International's Preferred Provided Program and is good for at least 24 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  

Check out these popular courses below... 

You Too Can Learn to Travel Like a Spy!

In the popular book, Among Enemies: Counter-Espionage for the Business Traveler, executives concerned about losing valuable intellectual property to criminals, competitors, and hostile foreign intelligence services are taught the "golden rules" of international travel. This eye-opening series summarizes those lessons and teaches you to travel like an experienced counterintelligence officer.


Learn to Travel Like a Spy

Security Departments are in Need of a Fresh Strategy

In both government and the private sector, security is always seen as too expensive until there is an incident... and then there's never enough money.  As such, security has traditionally been reactive than proactive.  Cognizant Security Strategy offers a fresh approach. 


Learn to Think More Strategically

The 46 Commandments for Security Professionals

No matter your role in the field of security (consultant, security director, anti-terrorism officer, etc.) there are certain guiding principles that you must adhere to achieve success. These 46 "commandments" will keep you on track and get your organization to the next level. 


Special Price - Only $47!

Ready to Get CARVER Certified Online?

The Fundamentals of the CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology is hands-down one of the most popular security courses out there.  While not as in-depth as the LIVE 3-day course, this 5-hour training provides a solid foundation for the CARVER method.

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Interested in Opening Your Own Global Security Consulting Firm?

Each year, thousands of individuals transition from the military, law enforcement, and intelligence fields in order to open up their own consulting firms.  Within five years, more than 80% of these people need to find jobs again, while of the 20% who stay in business, 95% will never even hit $1 million in annual sales.  In this 18-part video series, you'll understand what it takes to make it as one of the 5% who not only stay in business, but earn 7-figures.  

Learn to Become a Global Consultant

First Rule of Business: You Can't Eat if You Can't Sell

Whether you are part of a small business or an employee of a Fortune 500 company, chances are your organization needs to make sales in order to grow.  But, it takes more than just a flashy product or a smooth talking sales professional to close the deal.  Today's business environment - no matter if you're selling to the private sector or the US government - requires the ability to write effective proposals.  This video series, which includes templates, walks you through three types of proposal formats that will help you generate more business. 

Learn to Write More Effective Proposals

Ready to Increase Your Income Over the Next 12-Months?

Most people dream of becoming their own boss.  Many do so by taking the leap and opening their own consulting firms.  However, once they start down that path, they quickly realize how difficult the entrepreneurial journey actually is.  Without a strategy, most people are lost.  In this revealing video series you will learn the steps necessary to earn a living as a consultant, as well as follow a road map for growing your practice.  As the saying goes, the process is easy but the journey is difficult.  

Learn to Build Your Consulting Practice

Learn to Navigate Your Surroundings in a Dangerous World

The world is a dangerous place.  However, you cannot grow if you do not travel.  Don't deny yourself the greatest learning opportunity there is... seeing this planet and its people in all their marvel and glory.  Just do so with caution and with preparedness.  In this short but comprehensive video series, former CIA intelligence officer, Luke Bencie, provides insight from his 142 countries of travel. 


Learn to Travel to Hostile Places

In Business You Either Die, Survive, or Thrive... 

There are two kinds of people in business... those who make money and those who just talk about making money.  Being a global consultant can be an exciting profession albeit a difficult one.  The hardest part typically isn't the consulting aspect, rather it's finding clients.  The competition is fierce but the rewards are bountiful.  This is a brief (3-hour) and intimate video that discusses the new paradigm of global consulting, regardless of industry.  

Learn the Secrets to Thriving as a Consultant

The CARVER Mindset: How to Think Like a Spy!



Coming Soon! 







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