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Don’t have time to attend a live training event?  Now you have the opportunity to learn at your own pace through SMI’s online training programs.  Choose from NINE impactful courses that will help you establish and thrive as an effective security consultant.

The Carver Methodology Online Course

An overview of one of the most recognized and useful target analysis and vulnerability assessment tools ever created.  Instantly add value to your next security vulnerability assessment, as well as understand the principles of pair-wise-comparisons, threat spectrums, and much, much more.

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Counter-Espionage for Business Travelers Online Course

This unique course is meant to train business travelers how to better protect their intellectual property and business intelligence from hostile foreign intelligence services, competitors and private collectors, when they travel overseas.

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Global Security Consultant Video Series

Considering a career as a global security consultant? This 18-part video series gives you the tools necessary to launch your own international security consultancy. This is an essential program for all security consultants.

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Zero to $250,000 in Revenue in 12-Months

Are sales flat at with your global security consulting business? Could you use another $250,000 in revenue? Utilize the strategies and tactics outlined in this 9-part video series to help boost your bottom line through a strategy of multiple income streams.

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How to Write Winning Proposals that Crush the Competition

Have you ever lost a consulting engagement (to a less qualified competitor) based upon the proposal you submitted? Learn how to write proposals that close more business immediately. Editable templates included.

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This 2.5 hour workshop was hosted as a LIVE video conference by Luke Bencie in December 2020.  The original price for attendees was $750.  However, the replay - which is packed with all the same incredible security consulting strategies and tactics - can now be yours for only $47!

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The Playbook: Daily Operations for Managing a Security Firm

A fan favorite, this completely FREE video series is jammed packed with some serious intellectual firepower.  Whether you are a solo-entrepreneur or manager of a large firm, these short videos offer a ton of valuable advice for running a global security firm. 

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Strategic Security in a Post-Pandemic World: Cognizant Security Strategy

Cognizant Security Strategy (CSS) is a fresh approach to the antiquated security methods no longer useful to organizations in a post-pandemic world.  Security departments have erroneously functioned in a reactionary – rather than proactive – role for decades.  CSS is meant to help you quickly decipher your security posture and provide an actionable roadmap for how your organization makes decisions about security. 


The Hostile Environment Training Course

Designed for those individuals who travel to hostile regions of the world, where they might experience high levels of crime and violence, civil disturbance, wars, riots and/or kidnappings.  Learn how to survive and make proper decisions in hostile environments, from pre-departure planning through in-country travel to emergency response.


SMI Online Training Bundle

Would you like to take all of the SMI online training courses?  Buy all of them at once and receive a tremendous discount.  For only $1997, you can get access to all NINE courses!

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