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Could Your Consulting Business Use A Quarter-of-a-Million-Dollar Boost?

Let’s be honest… 95% of consultants never even earn $1 million dollars in gross annual sales.

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Each year, hundreds – if not thousands – of men and women retire from US government agencies, such as the FBI, CIA, State Department and the military, and they immediately open up their own global consultancies. 

Unfortunately, the majority of these folks don’t actually prosper all that well.  Sure, some may earn six-figure paydays, but usually that comes from going to work as an independent contractor to a defense firm or even their old government organizations.  Therefore, it really isn’t seen as consulting.  


So, what usually ends up happening, is that these people retire, open up a little LLC with big hopes and aspirations, and then six to 12-months later have to go back to looking for real job because they can’t survive on their pensions and that their LLC isn’t providing them with enough supplemental income to cover the difference.  And you know what, there’s nothing wrong with this… it’s just simple fact of life.

However, for those folks who are serious about succeeding in the consulting field, I have developed a process that has not only brought me $250,000 per year, but regularly seven-figures in sales, year-after-year. 

Welcome to “From Zero to $250K: How to Jump-Start Your Consultancy in Just 12-Months” 

I’m going to show you how you can earn a quarter of a million dollars in 12-months. 

Now, obviously, there’s no guarantee that you will make $250,000 next year, simply because it’s illegal for me to make such a claim, and more importantly I don’t know you or what your consulting skills are – this business is not for everyone.  However, if you really are a subject matter expert in a particular field of security, I will introduce you to a process that I call the 9-Box System, which you can use to establish multiple income streams – some of them even passive income streams – that you can use for your own consulting business. 


In this course you will discover the following principles:

  • Understanding the importance of multiple income streams for your consulting business
  • Setting up passive income platforms that generate income while you sleep
  • Positioning yourself in the industry so that you are consistently growing your brand and snowballing your income
  • Much more… 

I am going to offer this to you today for just $297.  Basically, for less 300 dollars, I’m going to show you a process for to make $250,000 in 12-months.  I’m going to provide you with a blueprint for success. 


But again, just because someone hands you the blueprints to a house, doesn’t make you master carpenter who can suddenly build that house.  It is going to take some sacrifice on your part.  There is no quick fix solution or magic pill you can take to become a master consultant overnight. 


If you follow the 9-Box System, you at least will have a pathway forward.  You won’t be treading water, trying to figure out where your next paycheck is going to come from.  The 9-Box System is a proven process that demonstrates nine simultaneous ways to generate revenue as a consultant.  It will essentially prevent you from asking the question, “what do I do now?” because it shows you where you should be putting all your time and efforts.  It will also provide you with a formula for calculating numbers so you can have more predictable annual revenue.  It takes away the guessing and removes the “hope as a strategy” mindset that so many new consultants face.  

If you are a person with consulting subject matter expertise, strong written and verbal delivery skills, and a dogged determination, then this course is for you. 

What does the course look like?

Video 1: Intro to 0 to $250k

Video 2: Money Making Mindset

Video 3: The Nine-Box System

Video 4: Leveraging Existing Contacts

Video 5: Goal Setting

Video 6: Top 10 Ways to Increase Fees

Video 7: The Global Security 

Video 8: The Global Security Consultant’s Pyramid

Video 9: Changes in the Consulting World

Video 10: The Priority Matrix

I am offering you a peek behind the curtain for how successful consultants earn a great living – most of them working from home - and I am only charging $297 for it.  If I were coaching you to do this, the cost would be $10,000.  So, that’s it.  The rest is up to you.  

Perseverance Pays!