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The Secrets to Thriving as a Successful Security Consultant: 

Accelerating Business Following the Pandemic


An already affordable video seminar, now reduced.

This is a 2+ hour replay of an intensive, highly-informative, video conference that Luke Bencie presented in December.  It specifically focuses on HOW to succeed in our new post-pandemic business environment.  No excuses.  No BS.  It includes information to begin THRIVING today.  


"You are not in the security business.  You are not even in the consulting business.  You are in the marketing business.  The sooner you accept that, the sooner you start making real money as a security consultant."

- Luke Bencie


What does the course curriculum consist of?

Video 1: Why You as a Trusted Advisor?

Video 2: What's Your Value Proposition?

Video 3: Managing Your Practice

Video 4:  Million Dollar Marketing

This is a great opportunity - at a very low price - to get useful insights into how a successful global security consultant conducts business following the pandemic. 

The Secrets to Thriving as a Security Consultant Workshop

$27.00 USD