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Are You Losing Consulting Business Because a Weaker Competitor is Simply Writing Better Proposals Than You?

As the old saying goes, proposals should be more about summations and less about explorations.


In fundamental terms, a proposal is nothing more than an offer or actions from one party to another, often in exchange for financial compensation.

It seems pretty straight forward, right? I'll offer you X in return for Y. Yet, if that is that elementary, why do so many consultants put such extreme emphasis on the proposal writing process?  Why is it such a point of immense stress?  The answer may not be what you think it is.

Sadly, many talented consultants leave a lot of money on the table each year because their concept of what a proposal should – and should not – be, is completely wrong. 

A common misconception is that proposals should being “selling” the services of the bidder, as well as trying to legitimize the credentials of their firm and their consulting methodologies. But that rationale is outdated and flawed. 

"If you don’t know your buyer, i.e. you haven’t had discussions with the client beforehand, and you’re submitting a proposal to them, you are starting out in a position of weakness… especially, if your competitors have had previous contact with the client." - Luke Bencie 

If you are looking to increase your client closing ratio to 70% or better, then the “How to Write Winning Proposals that Crush the Competition” training course is for you.


This 7-part video series will give you the intellectual firepower, as well as provide valuable templates, that will help you to start winning more business right away.

Discover the following principles:

  • Reaching conceptual agreement with your client

  • Stipulating project outcomes

  • Determining measures of effectiveness

  • Writing stronger proposals, which command higher fees

It’s hard to find a better investment… particularly when you should be writing proposals which should range from $50,000 to $50,000,000!

What does the course curriculum consist of?

Lesson 1: Introduction to Winning Proposals

Lesson 2: The Pre-Proposal Meeting

Lesson 3: The Letter Proposal

Lesson 4: The Lawyer's Proposal

Lesson 5: The Big Proposal

Lesson 6: Value-Based Fees

Lesson 7: You Won! Now What?

If you know your value, go out and charge what you’re worth.  Be proud to state – in writing – what the client will be getting in exchange for choosing you.

How to Write Winning Proposals that Crush the Competition

$497.00 USD