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Monthly training videos - plus additional resources - for the serious global security professional.   Valuable content at an extremelly affordable rate.


- Time to Get with the Program -


Thanks to increased demand, SMI is now offering an affordable way for YOU to receive some serious intellectual firepower - delivered straight to your inbox each month - for only $9!


Become a member of SMI's Global Security Program and receive some amazing benefits.


How it works... 


  • The first week of each month you will receive an email with a link to the latest training video

  • In addition to the video, you will receive a free bonus - which could be a second video, a PowerPoint presentation, a functional vulnerability assessment spreadsheet,  a podcast, etc. 

  • When you sign up for the GSP, you will receive a confirmation email, which includes downloads of Among Enemies: Counter-Espionage for the Business Traveler, Global Security Consulting: How to Build a Thriving Practice, and The CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology

  • As a GSP member, you will be entitled to 20% off on all SMI Online Training Courses, as well as future workshops


- What You Get -

Monthly Security Video

Receive a short (15-30 minute) training video delivered right to your inbox, during the first week of each month. 

Monthly Bonus Product

In addition to your monthly training video, you will also receive a special bonus product each month at no extra charge.

3 x E-Book Downloads

Get instant downloads of the popular security books Among Enemies, Global Security Consulting, and The CARVER Methodology. 

20% Off All SMI Online Courses

As a GSP member, you will be entitled to 20% off on all SMI online training courses, as well as future workshops.


- Watch This Short Demo Video -

In this short demo video, instructor, Luke Bencie, provides you with a sample of how your monthly GSP training videos will look.  This synopsis about "Target Analysis" serves a teaser for the type of content that you will receive with your membership to the Global Security Program.


Now is your chance to receive quick, yet highly-impactful, security training videos - delivered right to inbox each month - at an incredible price.