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A Fresh Approach To Maximizing Your Security Strategy

An online training course provided by Security Management International, in collaboration with the University of South Florida's Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education.

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- About the Course -

Cognizant Security Strategy (CSS) is a fresh approach to the antiquated security methods no longer useful to organizations in a post-pandemic world.  Security departments have erroneously functioned in a reactionary – rather than proactive – role for decades.  Much like a combat mission or intelligence operation, security strategy needs to be organic.  Decisions are based upon the fluidity of the threat environment and the on-the-ground realities involved.  As conditions change (whether that means an escalation or de-escalation of a crisis) the organization - and subsequent teams responsible - must dictate the pace and direction of the event.  They cannot be spectators and they must break out of the mindset that they are solely operating in a responder role.  At the same time, managers must resist the temptation to micro-manage tactical situations rather than providing direction from the strategic level.  CSS is meant to help you quickly decipher your security posture and provide an actionable roadmap for how your organization makes decisions about security. 

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Cognizant Security Strategy (CSS) Certificate -

Enhance your decision-making skills, build your credentials and learn that important difference between strategic and tactical thinking, as it relates to your organization’s security posture, as well as business in general.  This highly informative course utilizes lecture, case study and PowerPoint format to deliver the principles of Cognizant Security Strategy.  Certification is granted through Security Management International and the University of South Florida Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education.

- Who Will Benefit -


Demonstrates how successful leaders behave, communicate, and implement sound judgement and decision making.

Security Professionals

Provides a useful framework for security teams to better utilize their resources and be more proactive with their preparedness.

Operational Planners

A valuable tool for those individuals tasked with designing operational and/or emergency response plans.

- Program Structure -

Cognizant Security Strategy (CSS) is a 5+ hour executive education course, which is broken out into 12 training videos. 

Emphasis is placed on the relationship between an organization's cognizance (awareness to surrounding threats) and its overall preparedness and responsiveness to threats. 

Moreover, CSS focuses on a more proactive, rather than reactive, approach to security, while recognizing that there will always be an ever-changing amount of information that is both known and unknown.

Please see our course FAQs below for more details


Length: 5+ Hours

Program Dates: Immediate/On-going

Cost: $997

Certification: Certificate of Completion from the University of South Florida Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education

CEUs: TBD by requested organization


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Welcome to the Cognizant Security Strategy Online Course!


- Meet Your Primary Instructor -


Luke Bencie is the Managing Partner of Security Management International, LLC.  In this capacity, he has been a consultant to the US Department of State, US Department of Defense, over two-dozen Fortune 500 companies, as well as foreign governments.  He has worked in over 100 countries and has trained thousands of domestic and international students from police, military, and intelligence services on topics such as operational tradecraft and strategic intelligence.

Mr. Bencie previously served on the US Department of State’s Foreign Emergency Support Team.  In this role, he was responsible for responding to terrorist attacks carried out against US targets overseas.  He was also a senior consultant for Raytheon Company in the Intelligence and Information Systems Division. 

 He is the author of five books on security.  

Guest lecturers will also be included as part of the program.


What does the course curriculum consist of?

Video 1: Course Introduction

Video 2: Understanding Strategy

Video 3: The Cognizant Strategist

Video 4: Understanding Physical Security Threats

Video 5: Understanding Cyber Threats

Video 6: Strategic Preparedness

Video 7: Case Study: Apollo 13

Video 8: The Art of War

Video 9: Strategic Leadership

Video 10: Case Study: Post "Dream Team"

Video 11: Cognizant Risk Score

Video 12: Pulling Your Strategy Together

- Watch a FREE 16-Minute Video on the Difference Between Strategy and Tactics -

In this free 16-minute sample video, instructor, Luke Bencie, provides you with a simple explanation on the difference between strategy and tactics.  This short demonstration serves a teaser for the type of content that you will find inside the Cognizant Security Strategy Online Course. 


"When it comes to strategic security, the best defense is a good offense.”


                                                                             - Luke Bencie

                                                                                Founder, Security Management International

It's been said that most leaders are tactical, rather than strategic, thinkers.  And, as we all know, strategy eats tactics for breakfast.  Are you ready to up your strategic thinking skills?  Try Cognizant Security Strategy today for a fresh approach to strategic thinking.  


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