Our vision is to be a leading provider of security, intelligence and technical services which enable our customers to maintain the highest levels of protection, discretion and competitive advantage wherever they may operate.

Approach to Security

Our comprehensive approach to security is first to conduct a threat analysis followed by a vulnerability assessment of the assets to be protected, whether those assets are political leaders, businessmen, office buildings, industrial factories, computers, electronic data, shipments, or other valuable resources. Once a thorough assessment has been completed, and the material risks and threats are identified, we determine the best approach to eliminating, thwarting or offsetting the vulnerabilities, and recommend appropriate security systems, protocols and countermeasures to be implemented. Our solutions take into account all applicable cultural, financial, operational, and technical limitations. We provide executive summaries, detailed analyses and reports, formal recommendations, implementation plans, and cost estimates. We also offer, where appropriate, turn-key systems, installation, testing, training, operational assistance, maintenance, and other support services.

Critical Aspect of a Security Program

Perhaps the most critical aspect of a security program is with the understanding of the persons or organizations being protected, its services, and the location(s) of the assets involved. With a clear view of the setting, the steps necessary to secure those items become clear and the resulting solutions are appropriate to the scenario. Our initial step in the development of a security program is to conduct preliminary performance testing to gain critical knowledge regarding the ongoing operations. This testing, sometimes referred to as assessment, will outline the vital operational areas and current performance levels associated with each. For example, a contract guard force often appears to be “effective” as they have pressed uniforms and greet guests cordially. However, upon close inspection of their policies and investigation of their capabilities, it becomes clear that in the event of a crisis, the effectiveness is limited at best.

Our Belief About Security

We believe that security, to be most effective, must not only prevent potential vulnerabilities, but also discourage and defeat would-be aggressors, whether they are unauthorized insiders or disgruntled employees, known competitors or opponents, unknown outsiders, criminals, malicious vandals, terrorists, political activists, or others. SMI’s ability to perform such security support functions is based in large part on the international technical and operational experience acquired in combating terrorists, narco-traffickers, insurgents, intelligence organizations and criminals. Our principles and associates are former officers of national intelligence organizations, Military special operations forces, national law enforcement agencies and corporate security directorates. They are well conditioned to implement the preventive and preemptive techniques necessary to reduce the vulnerability of persons, property and organizations.

Security Consulting in 100 Words

“Establishing a brand where clients ask for you by name when their security situation requires immediate – and often discrete - solutions. Building a global reputation that has been forged throughout the years by consistently delivering results, and displaying unmatched dependability and integrity – with no excuses. Rather than simply solving problems, a world-class security consultant should improve their clients’ overall condition and must be viewed as a trusted advisor, who has their clients’ best interests in mind, rather than being just another contractor. He/she must intimately follow, and operate within, the global security environment.”
- Luke Bencie, SMI Managing Director



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