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Physical Penetration Testing

SMI Physical Penetration Testing

At Security Management International, our team of human intelligence (HUMINT) experts understand that the best defense is a good offense. For this reason, our physical security penetration tests (PENTESTS) start with an advanced and tailored understanding of the threats directly facing your organization. To maintain a good security posture, it is imperative to identify those threats and to know the vulnerabilities and response capabilities of each system and sub-system in question. Utilizing intelligence gathering techniques acquired from decades worth of global operations, our SMI HUMINT Team is able to provide our clients with a full picture of their vulnerabilities. Our tactics range from physical and technical surveillance, reconnaissance, casing/probing, elicitation, and social engineering.

The types of physical security penetration testing commonly executed by our team include:

  • External surveillance of the site
  • External information gathering on the facility
  • Alarm avoidance or access to alarms system
  • Physical entry attempts
  • Recruitment of employees/vendors
  • Social Engineering by exploiting the “human factor"

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