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"The CARVER Strategic Bundle" is the Perfect Course for the More Advanced Security Professional.

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The Carver Methodology Online Course

An overview of one of the most recognized and useful target analysis and vulnerability assessment tools ever created.  Instantly add value to your next security vulnerability assessment, as well as understand the principles of pair-wise-comparisons, threat spectrums, and much, much more.

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The Counter-Espionage for Business Travelers Course

This unique course is meant to train business travelers how to better protect their intellectual property and business intelligence from hostile foreign intelligence services, competitors and private collectors, when they travel overseas.

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The Hostile Environment Training Course

Designed for those individuals who travel to hostile regions of the world, where they might experience high levels of crime and violence, civil disturbance, wars, riots and/or kidnappings.  Learn how to survive and make proper decisions in hostile environments, from pre-departure planning through in-country travel to emergency response. 

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 Cognizant Security Strategy Course

Cognizant Security Strategy (CSS) is a fresh approach to the antiquated security methods no longer useful to organizations in a post-pandemic world. Security departments have erroneously functioned in a reactionary – rather than proactive – role for decades. CSS is meant to help you quickly decipher your security posture and provide an actionable roadmap for how your organization makes decisions about security.

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Own "The CARVER Strategic Bundle" now for only $497!

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